Classroom Expectations/Grading

  • The Learning Skills, Behaviors, and Participation grade is given to each student using the following rubric:


    Outstanding (O):  The student displayed outstanding learning skills and behaviors.  They were almost always, if not all the time, prepared for P.E. class (sneakers), and he/she exhibited outstanding effort and behavior during warm-ups and class time during the grading period.  They never needed to be redirected or sent to the time-out area.

    Satisfactory (S):  The student displayed appropriate learning skills and behaviors.  They  consistently were prepared for most of the P.E. classes and he/she exhibited appropriate effort and behavior during this grading period.  They rarely (if ever) needed to be redirected or sent to the time-out area.

    Needs Improvement (N):  The students inconsistently followed the teacher's directions and had 3 or more write-ups in the behavior management book.  They may have refused to participate in the selected activities or were infrequently prepared for class.  The parents were given notification using a behavior progress note during the grading period.

    Unsatisfactory (U):  The student did not follow the teacher's directions most of the time in the marking period and showed little to no effort during all activities.  The students were rarely prepared for class.  The parents were notified during the grading period.