P.E. Class Expectations

  • Rules of the Gym:

    • be quiet entering and leaving the gym area
    • respect all P. E. equipment, indoors and out
    • food, drinks, gum and candy do not enter the gym area
    • wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire when participating
    • all gym rules for P. E. also apply to the ASP program
    • keep your hands to yourself
    • show great sportsmanship always
    • do not leave the gym area without permission from a teacher
    • respect others
    • "whistle" - stop - look - listen
    • "music stops" - stop - look - listen

    If you are ill or have an injury:
    Parents, please send a signed note explaining the nature of the medical
    condition and indicate whether the child should be completely exempt or
    allowed limited participation in P.E. If the illness or injury exceeds 1 week, please bring in a signed note from a doctor.

    We expect that our students will:

    • learn
    • have fun
    • try their best
    • wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire
    • cooperate with others
    • be safe in all their actions
    • help their fellow students
    • stay on-task
    • be polite and respect teachers and students
    • pay attention to the teachers

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