Grading Policy

  • Grading

    PowerSchool will be updated with students' grades as assignments are completed.  Each category will include multiple assignments throughout the school year.   Marking period grades will be based off the following percentages:

    English (Grammar, Writing): 40%
    Language Arts (Comprehension): 40%
    Daily Dose: 20%

    PowerSchool & Student Agenda

    Parents and students are encouraged to check PowerSchool to monitor grades and averages.  Teachers will update grades by the end of the school week.  The grades are not necessarily updated immediately after the teacher has graded the assignment.

    Students should be using their agenda to record daily homework assignments, long-term projects, and quiz or test dates.  These assignments will be posted online, but using an agenda is an important skill for students to learn and know.  This will also help students stay organized on days the teacher is unable to update the classroom website.


    Homework will be counted as 5 points per assignment.  Homework that is done at the start of class, but finished before the end of the day (8th period) will receive 3/5 points if the student shows it to the teacher before the end of the day.  No homework will result in a 0/5 for that assignment.  In ELA, homework will be scored within whatever category the homework was assigned to.  In math, homework is its own PowerSchool category. The homework will be posted on the website, but students are responsible for keeping an up-to-date agenda for the most recent information since homework may not always be posted immediately after school.  Students should have homework completed before the start of the school day on the day that it's due.  If students are caught doing homework (due on that day) in homeroom, it may be taken away and given to the teacher who teaches the subject.   

    Studying is an on-going assignment.  Students should not wait until the day before a quiz or test to review the information they will be asked to recall the following day.  There are numerous resources available to students, and they need to learn which study techniques or skills work best for them.  Remember, every child is different!

    Study Island

    Study Island is a tool used to prepare for students for the PSSA tests.  They will be required to satisfactorily complete assigned sections in Study Island.  Each section provides students with a variety of skills that they need to know in order to be successful on the 8th grade PSSA tests.  The skills within the sections progress as we are learning more information throughout the school year. 

    A pretest will be administered in school before Study Island begins.  Students can work on Study Island in school, and they are also able to work on it at home on a personal computer.   To access Study Island at home, go to  You will find the link under the "Student Resources" drop-down menu.

    Students will be given a time frame to complete each assigned section.  Each section is roughly 15-20 questions.  Once the sections are completed, students will receive points for their achievements. 

    Grading will be differentiated by levels of achievement.  The grading will vary by assignment in a format similar to this:
    *Blue Ribbon achievement: 5 points
    *Attempted Section, but ribbon not achieved: 2 points
    *Section not attempted: 0 points

    Students need to know their username and password. Their username should be similar to J.BRANCH@CASD.

    Other Grades

    Quiz and tests will be given throughout the year.   Students will be given adequate class time to review and prepare, but they are expected to study outside of the school day.  Projects will have varying point values and the students will be informed about them at the start of the assignment.