Guidelines for SS and LA Courses



     MRS. ROTH

    ROOM 312



    1. Attend class prepared on a daily basis with the following materials:
      1. LATextbook                                       a. Social Studies text
      2. LA Folder                                          b. Social Studies notebook
      3. Pen/Pencil                                           c. Pen and/or pencil
    2. Follow all directions provided by the teacher.
    3. Stay on task while completing assignments.
    4. Use constructive/non-hurtful language when speaking to others.
    5. Refrain from calling out by raising your hand and waiting to be called upon.
    6. Always keep your hands and feet to yourself!

    ***You are responsible for your own behavior. The following actions on your part will result in the assigning of an after school teacher detention or an office referral:  

    1.       Any violation of the expectations listed above.  (after three verbal reminders are given) 

    2.     Disrupting the class in any manner that prevents your LA or social studies teachers from performing her task of teaching.  This includes when a substitute teacher is assigned to the classroom. 



    This class is designed to benefit those students who are completing their work on a consistent basis.  All homework, quizzes, tests, journals, exit tickets, projects, participation points and other writing process assignments will be graded as points earned, (expressed in the numerator), over the maximum points you could have earned (expressed in the denominator.)  You will also be informed of the equivalent percentage earned or how to mathematically calculate your percentage.  Teachers will be post grades on Powerschool in a timely manner for review by students and parents.  We encourage you to review your average on a weekly basis and become aware of your progress throughout each marking period. 




    Homework assignments are expected to be completed on a consistent basis.  In order to receive full credit for completion of an assignment, students must turn in their homework assignment by the date due during their scheduled class period.  Late homework assignments will be accepted for half credit if turned in by the end of the day that it was originally due.  All other assignments not completed or turned in on time will earn a zero for the assignment.  Each homework assignment will be worth a total of 5 points (unless otherwise specified).


    Homework assignments will be posted in the front of the classroom when assigned. Ms. Roth will review with students what they are expected to complete prior to the end of the class period.  Students will be reminded to record their assignments in their agenda prior to leaving the classroom. 


    Homework assignments and upcoming quiz/test dates will be posted on the teacher webpages.  To access the webpages please log onto  Click on “teacher webpage” then click on Ms. Roth.   



    Students will practice writing twice a week by writing on an assigned topic in their journals.  Journals are graded solely on the amount and regularity of writing.  Journal topics will also be posted on Ms. Roth's webpage.  Please refer to this information if you are absent from school and need to complete an entry.


    Compositions/Essays/Writing Prompts:

    Students will practice writing five paragraph essays throughout the school year based upon narrative, persuasive, and informational prompts.  All writing assignments will be graded using a rubric.  This rubric will be presented to students at the beginning of each writing assignment. 


    Extra Help:

    Students are encouraged to request one-on-one help from Ms. Roth if they are experiencing difficulties with any topics covered in class.  Students are responsible for scheduling extra help appointments and notifying their parents of their need to stay after school. 


    Let’s have a successful year together!