ELL Content Area Teaching Resources

  • Planned Instruction in Academic Content Areas

    • The CASD language instructional program provides ELs with meaningful, comprehensible access to instruction in all content areas required by the PA Academic Standards.
    • The PA English Language Proficiency Standards are an overlay to the academic standards and are incorporated into planned instruction for ELs by ALL teachers.
    • ESL teachers assist content area teachers in planning appropriate instruction and evaluation as necessary.

    Content Area Teacher Responsibilities

    • Review ELs WIDA score reports to determine overall language proficiency level and areas of strength and need.
    • Review the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS - Social/Instruction and Content Area)
    • Review the Performance Definitions (see related files at the bottom of this webpage) appropriate to each student's language proficiency level.
    • Review the appropriate Can Do Descriptors (see related links at the bottom of this webpage).
    • Use Model Performance Indicators MPIs (see related files at the bottom of this webpage) to differentiate instruction and assessments.

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