Introductory Activity - Inspiration

  •                                     Introduction to American Government

                                                            Inspiration – Content Survey



    To create 4 separate outlines 1 for each of the units.

    Unit 1: Questions/index Cards from chapters 1-4

    Unit 2: Questions/index cards from chapters 5-9

    Unit 3: Questions/index cards from chapters 10-12

    Unit 4: Questions/index cards from chapters 13-17


    1. Write and answer 1 question from each of the index cards (not your own)
    2. Define in detail 2 terms from the chapter were you answered the question
    3. Print the diagram for all 4 complete diagrams


    1. Refer to student developed index cards for the questions.
    2. Refer to corresponding chapters from the book to answer questions andfor appropriate vocabulary and definitions


    1. Completeness & Comprehension
    2. Following directions
    3. Productivity during class – work will checked at the end of the period

    Point Value:

    Approximately 40-50 points