Ancient Greece - Philosophy Assignment

  •                                  It’s Greek To Me!

                               Greek Philosopher Assignment




    To create your own personal motto like some of the famous Greek





    Your job is to create a motto that exemplifies your life goals, values, personal beliefs etc.       Example: “Be the Best You Can Be”

    Approx. 5 pts



    Make a sign using your motto. Neatly print your motto on oak tag and decorate

    it. For this portion of the assignment, you will be graded on color, creativity, neatness and effort and not ability. You will be placing the sign on the front of your class binder.

    The size of the sign should be no larger than 8 x 11. and no smaller than 3 x 9.

    Approx. 15 pts.


     Explain:(type written & stapled to back of sign)

      In one paragraph provide insight and explanation into your motto.

      In a second paragraph discuss the philosopher that you most identify with.

      What are the characteristics described in your notes and book that you tend

       to agree with.  Explain why you agree with characteristics.    

       Approx. 15 pts.- 20 pts



       Review your explanation to the class/small groups. Do not read your explanation

        word for word. Instead, briefly summarize your written content.                                                                                                                  

        Approx. 5 pts. – 10 pts.


       DUE DATE: