Game Board

  • Middle Ages Madness

    Game Board Project       



    - To create an original board type game which deals with aspects of the Middle Ages.

    - The game must be functional, meaning that it can be played with relative ease and time.



    1.) Contents of the Game: Game pieces, game board and other materials included for play 

    2.) Object:  Purpose of the game and its play

    3.) Set up: Explanation of what the start of play requires, what does the game start looks like.

    4.) Game Play: Specific rules of play (step by step directions). How to score the game.

    5.) Winning: How does the game end? Explanation.

    6.) Content: Questions etc. must be from Chapter 7 and/or 8 and incorporate approximately 18 facts/trivia from the Middle Ages.  

    7. Things to consider:    

         a. Game must be original and accommodate up to 4 players.

         b. Game directions must be understandable and typed.

         c. Game should include both skill and chance

         d. Game must have a 3-dimensional aspect which is an integral part of the game play

         e. All game pieces etc. must be constructed and created by individual group members



    Class Text: Chapters 7 & 8  pgs. 214 -278



    *** Late assignments will not be accepted



    - Individual or partner from your class.

    - Work to be completed outside of class.



    - Following directions

    - Originality

    - Creativity

    - Neatness

    - Use of historical content from the Middle ages

    - Ease of play & Clearly states directions

    - Time management