• Attendance

    - Assignments for the week will be posted by 9:00 AM on the Monday of each week.

    - Attendance is mandatory and each day will count as a regular school day starting on April 14th. 

    • In order to maintain flexibility, attendance will be taken based on the weekly completion of assignments, activities, and/or anything posted on Canvas each day. Every Monday we will check attendance by reporting who has/has not completed activities from the previous week. (i.e. Assignments for the week of 4/20-4/24 will be checked and reported on Monday, April 27, for attendance)

    - The due date for each weeks work is the Friday of that week. (i.e. Work assigned Monday, April 20, will all be due Friday, April 24)


    - In order to receive grades and credit, students must engage regularly and complete course requirements.

    - CHS: 4th Quarter academic performance will be reported using the CHS traditional grading system.

    *There will be no final exams for Spring of 2020*

    Outside Links

    - The links below bring you to the main online learning resources that will be utilized by me. 

    - Canvas

    - Google Docs

    - Google Meets

    - Quizlet

    - Kahoot

    - Nearpod

    - No Fear Shakespeare

    Help If Needed 

    - CASD Tech Support Page - Please reach out if you have any technology problems that our school district support can help with (i.e. logging in to school Canvas or PowerSchool etc.).

    - Canvas Support Page - Please check the support/help page through Canvas if you are having any trouble with the Canvas website.

    - Google Support Page - Please check the support/help page through Google if you are having any trouble with the Google website or Google Suite of apps.

    Teacher Contact Information

    - Email: labarm@cattysd.org

    - Phone: 484-262-9493 (Google Voice Number)