District Office Staff





    Catasauqua Area School District

    District Office Departments and Staff

    Office of the Superintendent

    Robert J. Spengler, Superintendent
    Lisa M. Tkach, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
    Rebecca J. Moore, Federal and State PIMS Reporting Assistant

    Office of the Assistant Superintendent

    Christina Lutz-Doemling, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent
    Stacy Zellner, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

    Office of the Business Administrator

    Lindsey Wallace, Business Manager
    Kristen Bloszinsky, Business Office Support Specialist
    Karla Fryslin, District Copy/Transportation Secretary & Transportation Support
    Susan Trumbore, District Office Receptionist

    Dan Muthersbaugh, Director of Operations

    Eric Dauberman, Director of Academic Recovery  

    Office of Technology

    Kathleen Kotran,  Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Federal Programs
    Paul Reilly, District Network Manager

    Office of Human Resources

    Mindy Redline, Human Resources Specialist

    Office of Special Education

    Shelley L. Keffer, Coordinator of Student Services
    Julia Heinz, School Psychologist


    David Cressman, Transportation Supervisor