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    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to 2nd Grade!  I can't wait to meet your children .  Although our classrooms will look very different than prior to Covid, I am going to try and provide them with opportunities in the room to complete fun paper and pencil activities, as well as art projects, in addition to familiarizing them with how to use each individual app on their Ipad.


    In an effort to be able to provide them with opportunities to complete paper and pencil activities, etc., I am asking that each parent try to provide the items on the supply list below.


    2021-2022 Class Supply List

    1 folder- any type of design- this will be used everyday for home/school information

    pocket tissues

    pocket sanitizer

    over the ear headphones

    1 container of clorox or lysol wipes (If possible)

    1 pack of pencils/ 1 pencil sharpener

    1 box of 16 or 24 crayons

    1 pair of scissors

    2 glue sticks

    1-2 dry erase markers

    1 highlighter

    1 hard pencil box (7"x4") with a lid (please fill with the pencils, crayons, scissors, dry erase marker, highlighter,& glue stick prior to coming to 1st day)

    Thank you so much for all of your help,

    Brad Evans







    Here is a list of important CASD information pages:

    CASD Coronavirus Information Page:

    CASD Continuity of Education Plan and FERPA Notice:

    CASD Tech Support page:

    COVID-19 Information:








    Please study flashcards with your child each night.







     Please return all papers in their return to school side. Thanks!!!!!



                            Expressives Schedule


    Day 1-Music  Day 2- Art  Day 3 -STEAM  

    Day 4- Gym  Day 5- Library

    Mr. Evans contact information:

                            610-264-5601 ex. 11122