• COVID-19 Information


    I hope you all are staying healthy and safe.  I miss all of my students so much! Hopefully, they are having fun and staying busy.  Please tell them hello from me! Please remember that there are review/reinforcement tools and links available on the CASD website. 

    Link to the District Continuity of Education Plan

    Teacher Contact Information- bolzam@cattysd.org


     Sheckler Elementary School

               Imagine Math (Grades 3 and 4) - site code: 4205160 


    The three programs from that list that I recommend utilizing the most are Imagine Learning Literacy, Freckle Math, and Nearpod.  The students are already familiar with these programs. Each student has their own account and login information for Imagine Learning and Freckle Math.  Another great resource is Nearpod. This is a teaching tool that I use during my classroom instruction so the students should be comfortable with the lessons.  Nearpod requires an access code for each individual lesson. I will be sending codes home for students to use. Each lesson focuses on something different. It is a great way for the students to review some of the content that we have been working on this year.  Please remember these are just some options for you and your child.


    Google Classroom

    In an attempt to communicate information with our families, Sheckler will be using Google Classroom.  Please see the link below to view a video explaining how parents can access Google Classroom.  Student account information was sent home in an email. We will be using our current Pearson Math program and Wonders Language Arts program to create assignments.

      Google Classroom            

    YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iowi-gmbys 



    Students will need to access or use Google Classroom, Zoom, Nearpod, Imagine Learning, and Freckle.  Nearpod presentations will include instruction from Wonders and Pearson programs. Additional lessons will be posted by Expressive Arts teachers and Title l teachers (if your child currently receives Title l services).



    Assignments for the week will be posted by 9:00 AM Monday of each week.  Attendance is mandatory and each day will count as a regular school day starting on April 14th.  In order to maintain flexibility, attendance will be taken based on weekly completion of assignments. If the due date is Friday and students complete all work by the following Monday, they will be marked present for the week.



    In order to receive grades and credit, students must engage regularly and complete course requirements.

    Sheckler: 3rd & 4th Quarter combined academic performance will be reported pass/fail.

    Links to Online Programs - Imagine Learning, Imagine Math, Freckle, etc.

    Link to the CASD Tech Support



    We will be using Zoom meeting “check in” times on Monday from 10:00-10:30AM and Thursday from 6:30-7:00PM.  When a Zoom meeting is scheduled, you will receive an invitation through email to join. In order to join us for the meeting, you will need to install the free Zoom app on your device.