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    Welcome to Fourth Grade

    and Room 204! 


    There are 24 students in class this year! We do have Peanut allergies in our class.








    Sandwich book report is due March 31st!  sAD


    Fourth Grade Math Goal is to correctly do 100 facts in 5 minutes!!!

    Good Luck!!



     The following Students met this goal!

    Josh C., Elijah T., Carter, K., River A., Ava W., Nyla C., Kara M.,


    Congratulations to Zack and Hannah for not getting clicked!  They will have ice cream on 3/21!



    • Spring pictures are on 3/26! bb









    Mrs.Deborah A. Elek

    Fourth Grade Teacher

    Sheckler Elementary School                                    

    Room 204

    610-264-5601 ext 11204