Brown & White

  • Advisors
    Mr. Schaffer

    Mrs. Erin DeBoer


    News Editors - Gabriella Demaria & Carter Weinhofer

    Sports Editors -  Bradley Panto & Devon Troxell

    Opinion Editors - Allanah George & Amy Huber

    Features Editors - Bradley Panto & Jacob Sperlbaum

    Review Editors - Bradley Panto, Jacob Sperlbaum & Carter Weinhofer

    Activities Editor -  Garbiella Demaria & Amber Kalnas

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     Letters To The Editor

    Letters to the editor are welcome.  Letters should be of interest to the student body, under 150 words, and legible.  The writer's signature is required.  No anonymous letters will be printed.  The staff of The Brown and White reserves the right to edit letters for offensive language, clarity, and/or inciteful information.

    To submit a letter to the editor electronically, please email:

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