1. 23.0 credits needed to graduate
    2. Catasauqua course requirements (minimum)
      • 4.0 credits in English
      • 4.0 credits in Math (Must include an Algebra course)
      • 3.0 credits in Science
      • 3.0 credits in Social Studies
      • 1.0 credits in Wellness/Fitness (2 years)
      • 1.0 credit in the Humanities Block (9th grade)
      • 0.50 credit in Career Skills (11th grade)
      • 2.0 credits of Electives (4 years)
    3. College-bound students should have additional math, science, and/or social studies credits (dependent on intended college major).  College-bound student athletes should take College-Prep and/or Honors courses.
    4. It is recommended that students pass at least 6.0 credits each year to enable all students to reach the mandatory graduation credits within 4 years.  If a student fails one or more courses per year, it is strongly recommended that he/she attend a summer school program for make-up credit.  Once a student falls behind in credits, it is very difficult to graduate in 4 years.