• Canvas Information - All Classes

    The video below reviews how to submit by uploading files or text entry (you may need to copy link)


    Newsela Quick Start Guide for 

    Personal Finance

    AP World History

    World Cultures

    Quizizz or Quizzes - All Classes

    To access a Quizzes assignment there are THREE steps.  When you are done I get a report.  If your full name is not listed I will not know who it is and you will not get credit

    1. joinmyquiz.com

    2. enter code to join

    3. enter your full name (first and last name)

    Edpuzzle - All Classes

    1. Click start buttion

    2. To answer questions you are not sure about you can hit "RE-WATCH" to get the answer

    2. Please wait until the video ends so your score can be recorded. If you don't wait it will not record it.

    Email notifications

    When you email me about an assignment please include

    1.  The exact name of the assgnment

    2.  What you are trying to do

    3.  What you have already done to resolve issue.  This way I don't email you information that you already have or offer a suggestion that you have already tried.