Gifted Program & Services

  • The Catasauqua Area School District strongly supports the belief that mentally gifted children have unique characteristics and educational needs.  It is our responsibility and desire to maintain an environment that will allow these children to achieve their maximum potential. 

    Definition of Mentally Gifted:
    Mentally gifted is defined as outstanding intellectual and creative ability the development of which requires specially designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program. (22 Pa. Code §16.1)

    IQ 130 or more
    The term “mentally gifted” includes a person who has an IQ of 130 or higher, when multiple criteria as set forth in Department Guidelines indicate gifted ability. Determination of gifted ability will not be based on IQ score alone…. The determination shall include an assessment by a certified school psychologist. (22 Pa. Code §16.21(d))

    IQ Lower than 130
    A person with an IQ score lower than 130 may be admitted to gifted programs when other educational criteria in the profile of the person strongly indicate gifted ability.  (22 Pa. Code §16.21(d)) 

    Catasauqua Area School District Gifted Support serves identified gifted students in grades kindergarten through twelve and facilitates screening of potential gifted students as well as those students being considered for acceleration. The district offers various gifted support options, including enrichment, acceleration, independent study, and special interest groups based on student need and as prescribed by the GIEP. 

    If you believe your child may be mentally gifted and requires support services, please speak to your child's teacher, guidance counselor or principal and/or submit a parent referral for a gifted evaluation.

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CASD Gifted Support Contact Information

  • Ms. Hillary Atkinson is the gifted support teacher and acceleration coordinator for the school district.   Ms. Atkinson serves all three schools in the district and is best reached by e-mail. 


    Phone: 610-264-4341 ext. 12210. 

    More Information Related to Gifted Support/Services:

    To access more detailed information for current students and parents, classroom teachers, families of potential gifted students, families of students interested in acceleration and those generally interested in gifted and acceleration issues, please visiit Ms. Hillary Atkinson's website.