Keystone Exam Preparation


    Keystone Exams

    The Keystone Exams are end of course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in academic content.

    Keystone Exam Design

    Each Keystone Exam is composed of two modules (test sessions). Each module is designed to take 1 - 1.5 hours to complete. The exams will consist of multiple-choice questions and constructed-response, or open-ended questions. For each Keystone Exam, 60%-75% of the total score will be from multiple-choice questions and 25% to 40% of the total score will be from constructed-response questions. The English Composition Keystone Exam will be an exception, with 20% of the total score from multiple-choice questions and 80% of the total score from constructed-response questions.

    Keystone Exam Design Overview by Subject -

    PA Department of Education Keystone Exam Preparation Resources

    Keystone Exam Administration Information 

    Keystone Exam General Information -

    Keystone Exam Performance Level Descriptors -

    Algebra I Keystone Exam Resource Page -

    Keystone Exam Online Tutorials

    Content Area Tutorials

    • Go to PA eDIRECT:
    • Under Test Setup on the left navigation pane, click on General Information
    • Go to the Test Tutorials tab
    • Click on the play button to view the tutorials
    • Keystone Exam Tutorials appear on the right side of the screen (Classroom Diagnostic Tools tutorials are on the left side)

    Online Tools Training (OTT)Go to PA eDIRECT:

    • At the bottom of the web page, select Online Tools Training Software Download - Windows or Mac
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to start the OTT. (Note that the user name and password are contained right in the log in screen)

    Keystone Exam Score Reports - Guide to Interpreting Your Child's Keystone Exam Score - Available in English, Spanish, and other languages:

    Cell Phone Policy - Cell phones are NOT permitted in Keystone Exam testing locations. The district strongly recommends that students keep their cell phones at home on the Keystone Exam testing dates. If a student brings his/her cell phone to school, it will be collected prior to testing and returned at the end of the testing session as directed by the PA Department of Education's cell phone policy. To view the PA Department of Education cell phone policy and student consequences for violation of this policy, click on the link to the file in the file listing at the bottom of this web page.

     Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDTs)

    The Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDTs) are a set of online assessments administered in the middle and high schools designed to measure specific student strengths, areas of need, skills, and knowledge throughout the school year to help guide instruction and intervention. The online assessments are available in grades 6 - high school and are based on the content covered by the Keystone Exams as well as the PSSA. All CASD students in grades 6 - high school take the CDTs at least one time per year in their English, Math, and Science classes. Teachers review the results with students to determine skill specific focus areas and design instruction to target skill specific areas of need.


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