CMS Tardy Excuse Note

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    Students need to be in their homeroom by the designated starting time, 7:47 a.m.  Any student not in their homeroom by 7:47 a.m. will be considered late to school.  If you arrive late, report directly to the main office and a late pass will be given to you.  Students who arrive to school between 7:52 a.m. - 11:06 a.m. are recorded as an excused or unexcused tardy. Students who arrive to school after 11:06 a.m. are recorded as having a half day of excused or unexcused absence.

    Excuses received from a doctor, dentist, a parent/guardian (in relation to illness or a religious holiday), will be considered as excused tardiness to school.  Acceptable forms of tardy excuses are written excuses, online excuses, emails, and faxes.  Parents may access the online tardy excuse form located on the CMS website.  All other tardies are unexcused. Any tardies in question may be reviewed by an administrator and further documentation may be required.  Additionally, administration may require a physician’s note for chronic excused tardies.

    Students will receive the following disciplinary action for unexcused tardies as indicated below: 

    5 unexcused tardy - 1 Detention, student meeting, & parent letter      

    10 unexcused tardy - 2 Detentions, Child Study Team referral, & parent contact       

    15 unexcused tardy - Saturday SAC & parent contact/meeting         

    16 + unexcused tardy - Consequences to be determined by administration    

    In addition, a student’s unexcused tardy minutes will be recorded.  If the total unexcused tardy minutes is greater than the total minutes in a school day (388 minutes), the student will be charged with an unlawful absence.  Although the accumulated number of tardies will remain, the disciplinary action(s), as indicated above, will be reset to zero upon completion of the first semester (marking periods 1 & 2).