• 2019 CASD Educator in the Workplace Summer Experience

    Objectives of the project:

    ∙       To provide educators with experiences that will promote a better understanding of in-demand occupations, the skills necessary to succeed in the current workplace, and how the subjects they teach connect to the world beyond the classroom.

    ∙       To utilize these experiences when developing curriculum and planning instruction by integrating college and career readiness into all subjects at all grade levels.

    ∙       To increase the alignment between student expectations, goals, and workforce realities.


    Description of the project:

    The Catasauqua Area School District Educator in the Workplace Project is designed to expand upon the CASD Educator in the Workplace project implemented in 2018-19, by providing educators with experiences that will allow the participants to develop a thorough understanding of the PA Career Education and Work standards. Furthermore, participants in this project will deepen their understanding of career awareness, acquisition, and retention by interacting directly with industry and business leaders, while learning about industry trends, needs, and opportunities. Finally, project participants will apply what they have learned to strengthen the Catasauqua educational program through enhanced counseling, improved instruction, and thoughtful integration of college and career readiness skills within the curriculum.