• Hello! I am the English Language Development (ELD) teacher for grades 7-12. I have spent the past four years in the Allentown City School District, where I taught ESL classes at the elementary level. In prior years, I taught in various other schools and districts throughout the Lehigh Valley as a Special Education Teacher. I look forward to my time here in CASD-please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, or even if you're just looking for more information about our ELD programming or department.


    For your child to experience the most amount of success, it is important that they understand and follow these expectations in school and that they are supported and reviewed at home:

    -Be Here, Be Ready (have all materials and assignments ready for class; come to school and class on time every day)

    -Be Responsible (Focus on work; complete all assignments; take care of self and belongings)

    -Be Respectful (Use appropriate language and tone of voice; Use kind facial expressions; Talk kindly to self and others)

    -Personal Space (Use materials appropriately; Keep hands, feet, objects to self; Stay in own space and respect others' boundaries)

    -Follow Directions (The first time; ask questions if confused and need help)