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Top Workplaces: Catasauqua Area School District

In March last year, Sheckler Elementary School teachers asked Catasauqua Area School District Superintendent Robert Spengler if they could build a garden at their school to attract pollinators like butterflies and birds. By June it was a reality.

“We typed up a proposal, sent it to Mr. Spengler and he said, ‘Go for it,’” recalled Dan Kotran, the Sheckler art teacher who helped spearhead the project. “The district stands behind my and other teachers’ creative ideas and then it’s up to the teacher to follow through with that project.”

The pollinator garden has been a hit with students, bringing science lessons to life.

"Brad Evans took his second grade class out there, they found about 30 monarch caterpillars, they brought the caterpillars into their classroom,” Kotran says. “They watched the caterpillars go through the stages from caterpillar to chrysalis to actually coming out as a monarch butterfly and then they actually released it. I think that’s a really valuable learning experience for them.”

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